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Alwaleed: Businessman, Billionaire, Prince With Dvd

by Riz Khan
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Product Details

  • Publisher: William Morrow
  • Publishing date: 01/10/2005
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780060850302
  • ISBN: 0060850302


There are few individuals as unique, enigmatic, and colorful as Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud.

This biography of the world's fifth-richest man -- worth around $24 billion -- tells the story of a businessman who started out with a relatively modest bank loan and built an empire that embraces the best-known brands, from Citigroup and Disney to Apple Computers and the Four Seasons Hotels. Alwaleed, as he's known to most in the Middle East, is the largest single foreign investor in the U.S. economy, with interests in almost everything that touches the American lifestyle. Like investment guru Warren Buffett, Alwaleed became hugely successful through consecutive strategic high-profile investments, earning him the respect of Wall Street.

In this fascinating and uniquely insightful authorized biography, international journalist and broadcaster Riz Khan offers a revealing insider's view of this provocative business genius, focusing on issues including:

  • his unique family history
  • the origins of his powerful drive to succeed
  • his phenomenal success in rescuing beleaguered companies such as America's giant Citigroup
  • his investments in top brands including Four Seasons Hotels, Saks Fifth Avenue, and NewsCorp
  • his unique approach to investing -- and some of his most lucrative strategies

Beyond the billionaire, jet-set lifestyle, Prince Alwaleed has a close and emotional relationship with the desert and its people. His identity sits on the fence separating the Arab world on one side, with tents, camels, and rifle-toting Bedouins ... and the fast-paced, hungry, pinstripe world of Wall Street, with limousines and designer labels.

Brilliant, charming, and extraordinarily hardworking, this billionaire's personal story unfolds in gripping detail, based on in-depth interviews with the Prince's family, entourage, and closest business associates -- including top names such as Sandy Weill, Rupert Murdoch, and Jimmy Carter.

Alwaleed is a revealing portrait of an unusual individual whose presence in the global economy is unmatched; a twenty-first-century ambassador who could be the ultimate bridge to connect the Middle East and the West.

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  • Alwaleed did it with integrity and style!
    From Amazon

    There are many billionaries listed with Forbes. But in Saudi Arabia, Alwaleed rules. It is a good book to learn the strategies and success of what he did. He did not get rich, using oil money as you might suspect.
    I would recommend this book to all.

  • Extremely fawning treatment of the royal, but with some insightful information
    From Amazon

    This book is extremely fawning (sickeningly so), and it is obvious without it being written anywhere that Alwalweed would only participate in the biography if he had full control over the final product. He has a massive ego that comes through on every single page.

    Salient points:

    1. This book manages to bring up Israel *A-gain.* Big surprise.
    2. Strangely, there are no pictures of any of Alwaleeds wives anywhere in the photos section. (It is said that cameras are not allowed to take photos of any of them.)
    3. It is very surprising to find out that the author is from a family of moderates and that Arab royalty seems to be as much distinguished by country of origin (even though these countries are all relatively recent) as by anything else.
    4. This book teaches some very interesting things about the nature of banking-- but all these facts are not presented in a technical, unapproachable way.
    5. It was obviously an imporant thing to Alwaleed to make the point that he made his money from ways OTHER than oil. This is reiterated *many* times throughout the book. The conclusion that one comes away with is: No, it was not strictly oil that made his money, but royal connections/ nepotism accounted for a healthy chunk of it.
    6. The prose is very light and easy to read, and the whole thing can be put away in about 2 afternoons of reading.

    This is worth buying on the second hand shelf if you can find it.

  • crushingly vapid
    From Amazon

    Probably the most salient thing you need to know about this book is that it's the OFFICIAL biography of the billionaire Saudi prince. Its author, Riz Khan, is a Yemenite who works at Al-Jazeera TV. The book was originally published in Lebanon.

    It's doesn't actually SAY "official" anywhere on it, but the book was made with extensive assistance and encouragement from Al-Waleed himself, and explicit cooperation from the Saudi government. In a country where even Mickey Mouse and "Little House on the Prarie" have been banned, you can find a copy of it in nearly every corner bookstore (not that there are many in the region). In fact, it's quite common to see it in shops and airports all over the Middle East.

    So you'd better believe there isn't a single negative word anywhere in it about Saudi culture, the Saudi royal family, or, of course, the main subject, the alluring Prince Waleed. Everything's hunky-dory!

    So if we can't criticize, that pretty much leaves what . . . ?

    Did somebody say praise? Why, praise it is! Did you know, gentle reader, that between loving his family wholeheartedly, wishing only the best for the world at large, and praying five times a day, the brilliant and raffish Prince Waleed is also an accomplished mountain climber, linguist, chef, author, skydiver, bodybuilder, musician, archaeologist, patriot, photographer, zoologist, pilot, historian, wine connoisseur, chess whiz, hunter, fashion designer, gymnast, philanthropist, bear wrestler, psychologist, pearl diver, stamp collector, tank commander, belly dancer, magician, software programmer, antiques buff, croquet master, Arctic explorer, pearl diver, entomologist, kappelmeister, physicist, sculptor, alchemist, mathematician, acupunturist, shark hunter, car collector, lutenist, Civil War aficionado, polo player, scrabble champion, zymurgist, yoga enthusiast, bridge player, and world-renowned expert on cigars?

    Need I say more?

  • Businessman, Billionaire, Prince
    From Amazon

    Impressive bio ... However, authot repeats a lot of facts/opinions..

  • Blah, blah, blah
    From Amazon

    Not really an insightful book. Not even worthy of a gossip column.

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