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All Around The Town

by Mary Higgins Clark
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  • Publisher: Pocket Star
  • Publishing date: 01/02/1993
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780671793487
  • ISBN: 0671793489


"A Deadly Promise..." Professor Alan Grant is found stabbed to death in his New Jersey home. All the evidence points to an obsessed student, 21 year-old Laurie Kenyon, who sent him passionate letters, followed him, even watched him through his study window---and awakens in her door room, covered with Grant's blood and clutching the knife that killed him. Attorney Sarah Kenyon, Laurie's sister, alone understands Laurie's daily nightmare and the trauma left by a childhood kidnapping too hideous too be recalled. Laurie's abductors, now a prominent televangelist and his wife, fear she will start to remember her life with them. And her past must be kept buried at all costs---even if it means carrying out the murderous threat made to a terrified girl years ago...

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  • I liked this book!!
    From Amazon

    This book has two mysteries in it. The first mystery is who kidnapped Laurie and will they be caught. The second mystery was if Laurie was a murderer.

    Mary Higgins Clark did a really good job of developing the characters of Laurie and Sarah. I really liked the way Clark showed us how the different personalities of Laurie took over and how they protected her. Laurie was oblivious of what her different personalities did while they controlled her. What really made the story come to life for me is that even Laurie didn't know if she was guilty and wanted answers herself.

    I didn't really care for how the kidnappers, Bic and Opal, were able to come back 15 years later and every little plan they had to frighten Laurie was unrealistically productive. I guess it added to the story line but I admit to rolling my eyes when everything went the way Bic and Opal needed it to.

    All in all there were great twists and great characters.

    From Amazon

    This book was great. It had several short chapters that all ended in suspense. I am normally a person who takes time reading books, but this one kept me on the edge of my seat, and I finished it rather quickly. MHC describes the child's abuse in enough detail for you to understand the pain that the child went through, but not so much that it was horribly disturbing (in my opinion). I would read more MHC books in the future! GREAT BOOK!

  • Quite entertaining and a fast read!
    From Amazon

    This was my first MHC book to read, and I really enjoyed it. I thought the plot twists were suprising and kept me guessing and turning the page. I am looking forward to my next MHC read.

  • All Around the Town
    From Amazon

    I love this book. I have already read it, but I wanted to purchase it just to read it again.

  • wOw WoW
    From Amazon

    This book was so easy to read. I was amazed at how fast paced it was. I was done with this book pretty fast.

    There is a girl who is kidnapped at the age of four and, and when she returns home, she isn't the same little girl who left that long ago day. She used to be an outgoing, playful little girl. When she returns she is scared all the time. She can't even have a relationship when she gets older. She doesn't know why she is terrified but she is.
    Then her proffessor is found dead and every thing is linked to her. She has no idea what is going on. And neither do we.
    I definately recommend this book to any one who loves a good suspence novel.

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