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Acting For Animators: A Complete Guide To Performance Animation

by Ed Hooks
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  • Publisher: Heinemann Drama
  • Publishing date: 02/09/2003
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780325005805
  • ISBN: 032500580x


    Ed Hooks is Stanislavsky for animators, but fun! I advise all my animation students to read Ed's amazingly insightful book.
    - Dave Quesnelle, Professor of Animation, Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
    Ed Hooks' Acting for Animators was the first book on the subject and is still the best. His analysis of character motivation and expressing emotion is the difference between animating and just moving furniture.
    - Gene Hamm, Animation instructor, Academy of Art College, San Francisco
    Character animators, using pencils and/or pixels, will discover a wealth of information about how to make their characters express empathetic emotions in the revised edition of this book. . . . Highly recommended.
    - John Canemaker, Animator/Director of Animation, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University
    If I can't figure out what is wrong with one of my characters, I can pick up Ed's book, scan for just a short while, and come back with my direction. It's the I Ching for animators.
    - Matt Brunner, Director, Xbox
    Wonderful teaching! Ed Hooks is fascinated and fascinating.
    - Michael Dudok de Wit, Winner, Academy Award, Short Animation, Father and Daughter

Animators need to know a lot about acting, but they dont need to know everything. Acting for Animators sorts out the acting theory that animators need, presenting it in a form and with references that are more relevant to the animators world. It explores the connections between thinking and physical action, between thinking and emotion; it provides the steps for an effective character analysis and the dynamics of a scene. Using references to animation and live action, acting principles are highlighted and explained. Plus, the accompanying CD-ROM provides explicit examples, including videoclips of improvs based on the seven essentials of acting and highlights of Rudolph Labans movement theory.

This revised edition is illustrated by Paul Naas, an animator and director whose work includes film, TV, video games, location-based entertainment, and Internet animation. He was one of the first animator/instructors hired by the Disney Institute.

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  • Essential Reading for Creating Captivating Animations
    From Amazon

    To be successful it is not enough for an animation to dazzle the audience visually. More importantly, it must tell a story in terms of the objectives and conflicts of its characters in a way that's new and surprising. And the audience must be able to empathize with its characters. Ed Hook's book is not only about acting for animators but also about the essence of good storytelling. It provides simple, easily employed techniques to create animations that appeal to people, whether they are 20 seconds long or two hours. And this book also gets you results. Sharon Coleman's first short animated film, Badgered, won an Oscar nomination in 2006 in part because she followed the principles in this book.

  • A must have
    From Amazon

    Ed Hooks' books are a must have for anyone serious about Animation and/or any character based type of storytelling. After getting used to his concepts it becomes second nature to look at scenes and put the finger right on the problem, if it has any.

  • A joy
    From Amazon

    I wish I read this book years ago. I've been animating professionaly for years, but there's information in this book that has given me a different mind set into accomplishing what I need to create.
    I've always been able to 'see' faults in my work and fix it without knowing consiously how I made the error in the first place. Now, after reading this book I take a new vantage point and can prevent any errors occuring (usually). I think my style of animation has changed a little too.

    The book is fun to read and the chapters are straight to the point. Recommended to every animator.

  • The first book about acting for animators
    From Amazon

    This is the first book who explain the acting principles for animators, the book comes with one CD of demos from lessons.

  • An Excellent Guide for the digital age
    From Amazon

    I was shocked at the personal attack the previous rater made on Mr. Hooks. They clearly have some personal emotional issues to work through and this is not the place. I wouldn't count their evaluation very highly. This little book is simpy packed with essential information on acting, specifically adapted for animators...I am an animator and have learned much from Ed Hooks. I particularly like Ed's friendly writing style. Hooks is known world wide for his excellent seminars and I've quoted him in my own books on similar subjects. I think it is very poor form for a person to make a personal attack when we're supposed to be rating the book. I noticed that they didn't have the guts to leave their name. This book is a seriously excellent source of ideas, technique and the underlying reasons why these things work in animation.

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