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25 Houses Under 2,500 Square Feet

by James Grayson Trulove
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Collins Design
  • Publishing date: 01/03/2003
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780060089443
  • ISBN: 006008944x


25 Houses Under 2,500 Square Feet discusses carefully defined spaces and how space can be used most effectively. The 25 recently-constructed homes featured are 2,500 feet and under with some as small as 640 square feet. An exciting collection -- a charming one square foot in size -- presents dream houses any person can relate to, as well as innovative and exciting designs sure to inspire and amaze.

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  • Photos
    From Amazon

    As with everything else from this author, it is just a collection of pretty pictures, with absolutely no detail on materials and construction techniques. There is a reason his books are so cheap.

  • good, but not great
    From Amazon

    This book shows some nice homes but, the point of the book is not based on design but on square footage.So if your looking for a book based on design only, u might try another book

  • Great material!
    From Amazon

    Book had alot of cool homes, most seemed like vacation/guest houses though. Only problem I have with the book is the binding wasn't terribly strong. After lying it out and people looking thru it a few times the spine is broken.

    Small thing, good content

  • Nice houses! nice pictures but very little technical info
    From Amazon

    The houses presented in this book are great but I would not define them as small! Indeed this is a joke: in my opinion, a 2500 sq.ft. one-bedroom house is huge. Only a few of them are real family homes that one can live in.

    The presentation and format is great but more technical info (besides floorplans which are great) would be appreciated.

    In short, a beautiful book which requires some housework to get useful ideas out of it.

  • Overall, A good book for the layperson.
    From Amazon

    25 Houses is an overall good book for the layperson. It's successful in showing that well-designed custom homes don't always have to be enormous. However, it lacks in depth for those who are looking for "how it was done". This book would really shine if there was information about materials used, custom details or the inspiration behind the designs.
    Also, there are a few examples of ordinary houses that, in my opinion, shouldn't be in this publication.

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