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      Silent bob speaks: the collected writings of kevin smith

      de Kevin Smith
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      Détail produit

      • Editeur: Miramax
      • Date d'édition: 13/04/2005
      • Langue: English
      • ISBN-13: 9781401359737
      • ISBN: 1401359736


      In 1994, Kevin Smith debuted his low-budget filmClerks at the Sundance Film Festival. It became an instant cult classic and made Smith the top dog of the indie film world. Next he was an executive producer of the smash hit Good Will Hunting and quickly earned the title 'King of Gen X Cinema' from Time magazine. He appeared on Charlie Rose, Politically Incorrect, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and currently holds a regular spot on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno hosting a segment entitled 'Roadside Attractions.' Fans of his films will instantly recognize Smith as Silent Bob-the character with no lines. And last year Smith began writing a hilarious monthly column covering popular culture for Arena magazine. In this side-splitting rant-fest, Kevin Smith waxes rhapsodic and obnoxious on everything from his platonic infatuation with Ben Affleck to his bloodcurdling hatred of Britney Spears, from his shocking diagnosis with morbid obesity to the fatal flaws of SpiderMan-all done in his inimitable, raunchy style.

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      • Good Quick Enjoyable Collection
        Depuis Amazon

        Read it in an afternoon and enjoyed it a lot! If you're a fan of K. Smith you'll appreciate it. Kevin puts out a lot of great material. Also, check out his podcast "Smodcast". Type SMODCAST into iTunes for a FREE, yes FREE, audio show with Scott Mosier. It's some classic stuff and you'll bust a gut laughing.

      • Kevin Smith Fan? You Will Love This
        Depuis Amazon

        Kevin Smith proves himself as a very good writer once again with this collection of his blogs. There is a lot of behind the scenes information given as well as his likes and dislikes when it comes to movies and celebrities. The stories range from funny to serious, but all keep the interest of the reader the entire time. If you are a fan of the "Evening with Kevin Smith" DVD series, this is basically the same kind of thing but in book form. The stories are different than on the DVDs, so I didn't mean that the same stories are told that you have heard a thousand times.

        So basically, if you are a fan of Smith, this book is a must have that you won't be able to put down. If you're not a fan, why bother with this in the first place? Fans will find enjoyment, but I doubt those Clerks haters will have their opinions changed. This is for the fans, and fans...I can't say it enough, you will like this book.

      • A treat for Smith fans
        Depuis Amazon

        What does it mean to have a cult following? When one speaks of directors like Clint Eastwood, Ron Howard, Martin Scorcese or Steven Spielberg, the reference is to a director that appeals to a broad audience, as opposed to one who appeals to a smaller group. This limited appeal director can be said to have a cult following, and like with regular cults, the followers are often more avid (or deluded, depending on your viewpoint) than their mainstream counterparts. It's the different between Christians and Movementarians (Simpson fans will understand).

        Kevin Smith has a cult following and I am one of the cult. He will never have the broad popularity of Eastwood, et al, because that isn't his goal. His movies are crammed with dialogue and limited in action and often the items discussed could be considered offensive. Clerks, Smith's first movie, was almost given an NC-17 rating for the dialogue alone. But to those who don't offend easily, Smith's movies are often really funny. Smith himself is both a funny writer and speaker; as DVDs of his college tours show, he has a definite following and he can be hilarious in person.

        Silent Bob Speaks is a collection of essays he has written, primarily for Arena magazine. For those familiar with Smith from other things (his movies, etc.), this fits right in with the Smith they know. If you don't know Smith, this is not the place to start (for example, if you don't know who Silent Bob is, you probably need to rent one of his DVDs first (but not the atypical (although good) Jersey Girl).

        Much of the book deals with behind-the-scenes happenings for his movies Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Jersey Girl, with plenty of wonderful asides, such as why he doesn't like Reese Witherspoon but does like David Duchovny. For the most part, he is kind to the celebrities he discusses, and his interviews with Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise will give you some insights into those actors with very little negative material. And, most importantly, the book is really funny.

        One reason Smith has his cult following is that he successfully seems like one of the guys. You might like Steven Spielberg, but it's hard to imagine that he'd just like to hang out with you. On the other hand, Smith seems a lot less aloof; his movies are filled with friends of his and his view of himself is nicely self-deprecating. This book is more of what makes a Smith fan a Smith fan.

      • Avoid
        Depuis Amazon

        I am a Kevin Smith fan. I love most of his work and by that I mean I wasn't big on the sequel to "An Evening With Kevin Smith" and I wasn't big on "Chasing Amy" or the animated series of Clerks. The rest of his movies I liked a lot or loved. Never read his comics though.

        I was expecting a lot from this book. And I didn't get it. This book takes place basically telling the story kind of like production journals of him working on "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back". But while he is doing that he goes off on stories about other topics. Don't get me wrong, I typically enjoy that stuff from him a lot. But this book hasn't made me laugh once and I am a tad over 100 pages into it.

      • Kevin Smith Fans Will Love It.
        Depuis Amazon

        I bought this book for my husband who is a huge Kevin Smith fan. If you are a fan, you won't be disappointed. If you are easily offended by language, the occasional potty humor and thinking out of the main stream its probably not the book for you. He is a brilliant writer who can write about everything from being obese to meeting Tom Cruise. It's a good (and quick) read.

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