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      Mouse soup

      de Arnold Lobel
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      • Editeur: HarperCollins
      • Date d'édition: 16/03/1977
      • Langue: English
      • ISBN-13: 9780060239671
      • ISBN: 0060239670


      Weasel is ready for his dinner. And poor mouse is it. Just in time, he thinks up a clever and entertaining way to distract weasel from serving up mouse soup for supper.

      Outstanding Children's Books of 1978 (NYT)
      Children's Choices for 1978 (IRA/CBC)
      Children's Books of 1977 (Library of Congress)
      Garden State Children's Book Award (New Jersey Library Association)

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      • great level 2
        Depuis Amazon

        my 6 year old niece loves this book and it is too complicated for her to memorize sofar so she actualy needs to read the wordsl

      • Great book for even learning words
        Depuis Amazon

        My parents bought me this book, and I saved all of my books from childhood for my children. My 3 year-old has chosen this as his favorite book, and because he has it memorized, we can use it to teach early words. He wants to read it everyday, and on days when we're short on time (it's often a bedtime book), we can just read two stories. I need to find more from this author. The library never seems to have him in stock.

      • Very cute. Its books like these that make reading enjoyable for struggling readers.
        Depuis Amazon

        My son is in second grade. He didn't enjoy reading and he wasn't reading his level. To try to force him to read books that he was expected to just made it worse. The Minnie & Moo series was a major breakthrough in getting him interested in books. Mouse Soup along with Owl At Home were also good for him but he was done in 15 minutes. He's become a good reader and actually does his nightly reading automatically on his own. I didn't want any setbacks so I'm still choosing easier books...nothing wrong with that....

      • my son loves this book
        Depuis Amazon

        I had this book as a child & loved it. I bought it early for my son, who is only 3, not thinking that he'd like it right now since he is too young & the pictures aren't vibrantly colored but he LOVES IT. This book is a classic- from the 1970's when I first had it to the year 2009, it wins the hearts of young ones!

      • Just what I expected!!
        Depuis Amazon

        this is a great book and i received it just like i expectd to receive it.

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