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      Knock 'em dead 2005: the ultimate job seekers guide (knock 'em dead)

      de Martin John Yate
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      Détail produit

      • Editeur: Adams Media Corporation
      • Date d'édition: 30/11/2004
      • Langue: English
      • ISBN-13: 9781593371067
      • ISBN: 1593371063


      After two years of recession, hiring is on the upswing. Economic expansion is expected to create job gains well into 2005. Though the job market has changed for the better, job seekers who are searching for employment using yesterday's rules are at risk of missing opportunities.

      Martin Yate-America's leading advocate for working professionals-guides you through the whole process of job seeking, from assembling your resume to acing the interview to negotiating a salary. In addition, he gives you insider information on the answers you need to impress interviewers and convince them beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are the best candidate for the position.

      Do you know an employer's real agenda behind questions such as:

    • Why do you want to work here?
    • What can you do for us that someone else can't?
    • What decisions are most difficult for you?

      The newest edition of this New York Times business bestseller features the most up-to-date advice available on recent developments in the job market, as well as invaluable instruction on selecting a job search coach, networking, conducting online research, and staying motivated during the often grueling job-search process.

      Knock 'em Dead 2005 teaches you how to put your finger on the pulse of today's changing job market and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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      • Great book so far
        Depuis Amazon

        So far I can't complain. It has all the elements and secrets you need. I have not read it all, but so far it is very very helpful.

      • Okay
        Depuis Amazon

        I got knocked dead from boredom, I got better advice from a 2 dollar kindle book, Interview tips from a chronic job hopper. Thats from the same guy who wrote the hilarious Job Hopper book Mr Instability. I mean think about it who would know more than a job hopper! But anyway, there is some good advice in this book and the way I look at it if you take a little from each book and classes the better of you will be.

      • Knockem dead
        Depuis Amazon

        Great reference for job hunting and also good tool for interviewers.
        Used this recently to assist a friend prepare for an interview and it was a big help. Great stuff.

      • The ONLY source you need for interviewing advice.
        Depuis Amazon

        My brother sent this to me when I was in my 20s (about 20 years ago), and it has been my interview practice "bible" ever since. It is the only thing I use (even though my edition is 20 years outdated), and I have built upon Yates' advice, and have 20 years of 1-paragraph accomplishments for each job I have had to review before interviewing. I am eager to buy the 2008 version to give to anyone I care about who is looking for a job. I have ALWAYS gotten a job offer after interviewing.

      • great, pragmatic
        Depuis Amazon

        Great book that tells it like it is. I had originally bought an earlier version for myself; and bought this for my neice who is just out of college looking for her first job.

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