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      Inuyasha animanga v11

      de Rumiko Takahashi
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      Détail produit

      • Editeur: VIZ Media LLC
      • Date d'édition: 04/10/2005
      • Langue: English
      • ISBN-13: 9781421500225
      • ISBN: 1421500221


      Inu Yasha Visual Manga, Volume 1 covers the events of the first three exciting episodes of the TV and video series, using actual, full-color film frames to narrate the story. High-school coed Kagome lives with legends - a legendary tree, a legendary well, and a legendary fortune-teller grandfather. When her little brother goes into the shrine that houses the well, Kagome goes in to stop him from playing in dangerous places. Suddenly a demon appears and drags her into the well and out the other side into ... a legend. Rumiko Takahasi's vibrant tableaux of feudal Japan is filled with magic, demons, and a half dog-demon boy who is thrown together with the spirited, modern girl, Kagome, on an epic quest. This is where legends begin.

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      • I love it
        Depuis Amazon

        You know I love Inuyasha; the story, the characters, the animation. It has everything you want in a great story. If you liked the TV show then you should buy this. First I couldn't believe they didn't finish it in anime and now the ending isn't even available in manga in the US, I already sent a letter to Viz and they never got back to me about it. Maybe if enough people start demanding it, they might actually give us what we want.

      • interesting note about this particular book
        Depuis Amazon

        interesting note about this particular book this version ISBN 1-59116-202-5 is in color and read backwards from standard American books -( book opens from the left ) also the plates and translation are different from an earlier (1998 verses this 2001) version I have. both came from the same publisher though, VIZ. I thought this was important and note worthy. also of interest is the written sound affects, they are not in English but there is a translation cell by cell in the book. I think this book is a very cool addition to my budding Inu-Yasha collection.

      • Ani-Manga Inuyasha Series
        Depuis Amazon

        Before I tell you all about this series I would like to inform you... I watched the anime series frequently, but I lost track of it when I became busy with my work. So when I saw the books I noticed that it was much like the series even the graphics where alike. So now on to my review... The series starts and revolves around a girl, a mission, and a demon boy. A girl named Kagome is thrown back into the past of what they call 'Feudal Japan'. That is where she realizes that she has a sacred jem in her and it is torn from her body; little does she know that this jem is one of the most desired by demon and human alike. When in danger she is saved by a half-breed demon named Inuyasha who later becomes a good guy, even if he wishes to become a full demon. When they two are trying to gain the precious jem back, Kagome ends up shattering it into thousands of so begins the journey for the scattered peices, and thus that is how a average teenage girl's life is changed into one of saving the past and discovering a feelings between a half-breed dog demon, named Inuyasha... I hope that that was of so help... Hypnotic~

      • Legend becomes reality...
        Depuis Amazon

        Book: Inuyasha, a half demon wishing to become a full demon, is trying to get a jewl but is stopped by a woman named, Kikyo. The story then goes on and takes place 50 years later, with the exception that Kagome, the re-encarnation of Kikyo, who lives in present Japan and is mysteriously taken back to fudal Japan. Kagome and Inuyasha must work together to find all the shards of the shattered jewl before the evils of the world get them first...can they do it or will there bickering get the better of them. --- My Opinion: After a few pages I soon discovered that one of these books is the equivalent to three Inuyasha episodes...the only difference is the fact you read it and it is on paper... I would say I enjoyed it but if you don't really care for reading something that you can watch and get the same thing...I don't recommend it...but if your a big fan and you just can't get enough I recommend it for you...

      • Awesome series
        Depuis Amazon

        This series is way cool. Chaacters are realistic, funny, and likeable. Color is vibrant, plot has great flow and depth. It really keeps you goin. I totally know that anyone would love this series (The action scenes are really cool, too!) Sorry, but I really don't feel like going into all the details. But you'd love this, no doubt.

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